What does “Khabarovsk” stand for?

It maybe has a “K”

For Kites of clouds above the shore

That soundly drift away.

The “H” must be for Hours

That Happily we’ve spent.

Or History’s ambassadors –

Our famous monuments.

An “A” for Aspirations

The city’s given us.

The “B” reminds us we Belong

To these green fields so vast.

Another “A” means Autumn,

Denotes vermillion leaves.

There is an “R” for Rising sun

With which the day up heaves.

The letter “O”’s Outstanding

So is the city, too.

Oh, all the Oh’s don’t mean a thing

To praise the sky so blue.

The Violet of loving,

The Vividness of scents.

Among the letters from above,

That’s what the “V” presents.

The next one – “S” – is Silence

In twilight alleys here.

And one more “K” as well makes sense

As Kindness bright and sheer.

A lot I’ve said; yet nothing.

There’s more than meet the eye!

Each birthday adds another word

Between the words of mine.

Polina Lysenko

Teacher: Oksana S.Oleynik


I love Khabarovsk, it’s my city.

I never saw something so pretty.

So I don’t want to leave this place

Because it has some magic pace.

It’s very colorful and bright,

You may admire it at night.

Khabarovsk is full of special people,

The bear and tiger are its symbol.

My city has another pride:

The Amur river long and wide.

Alongside with nature wild and unique,

Or its weather, hot and in changes quick.

Well, I adore my native land

Because for me it’s so grand.

It gave me friends, here all my life’s begun…

Thank you Khabarovsk for all you’ve done.

  Nastya Gubchenko

Teacher: Oksana S.Oleynik


On the bank of the river,

In the faraway land

A fairy city’s placed here,

It’s from you at arm’s length.

On the map it’s too small,

Like a pearl in the sea.

It’s not famous for all,

But it’s native for me.

In its name is contained

Of its founder keepsake.

With my city I’m chained

And I can’t it forsake.

But if sometime the fate

Do us part, I believe

That its beauty and strength

In my heart will still live.

Anna Kuchero

Teacher: Oksana S.Oleynik


Khabarovsk, my beautiful krai.

I have shared my soul with you.

How deep and splendid is your sky,

For me it is endless and blue.

With my heart I feel and sensate

Rustles of thousand words.

And between us the durable gate

Was erected with singing of birds.

Loud ringing of your rapid trams,

Billboards, people and how they laugh.

The breath of the city me crams

And it never will be enough.

I love you my caring land.

You nurtured me tenderly so

That always will be kept in my hand

Burning memory’s coal.

Dasha Kosheleva

Teacher: Oksana S.Oleynik


Khabarovsk is a city of glory,

It is better than Paris and Rome.

It’s a city of the century,

And I’m sure it’s my home.

Khabarovsk is green and merry.

I adore it so very much.

Boulevards like two big valleys

Are lovely from April till March.

The Amur is pathetically beautiful,

Numinous and great.

Its banks look really wonderful,

Magnificent, never fade.

Along the godlike buildings

I promenade with friends,

And I am full of tender feelings

Looking at parks and monuments.

I’m very proud of the city

Where I was born and lived.

Khabarovsk is a curiosity

That can hardly be achieved.

Oleg Baranov

Teacher: Oksana S.Oleynik